All Souls Day Celebrations

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All Souls Day Celebrations

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All Souls Day Celebrations

To learn more about Dia de los Muertos and make Pan de Muertos, check out Vanessa's new article Bread of Death and Life: A Short History of Pan de Muertos.

In this episode we discuss the celebrations surounding All Saints Day (November 1rst) and All Souls Day (November 2nd). From Mexico's Dia de los Muertos to Italy's regional celebrations we discuss the traditions and food associated with these days of rememberence.

Vanessa guides us through the celebrations in areas like Atlixco where altars are decorated and celebrations include Pane de Muerto.

DiaDeLosMuertos Photo by Roger Ce on Unsplash

Gio discusses traditions in north and south Italy and some of the regional foods. Gio also mentions that Abruzzo has celebrations that include Jack O'Lanterns.

We discuss Italian food from Minestra di Ceci Soup and Pan dei Morti in the north to the wonderful sweets of Naples and Sicily like Ossa dei Morti and Rame di Napoli. In Marche there is a biscuit recipe for Fave dei Morti.

Vanessa features at the end a great chocolate cookie recipe from Naples called Biscotti Toto.


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