Aperitif and Digestif

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Aperitif and Digestif

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Apertif and Digestif

In this episode we explore the relationship of drinking before and after eating and specifically apertifs and digestifs.

We first discuss the famous Negroni mix drink which was a created in 1919 at the Caffe Casoni in Florence. This drink was a variation on the Americano, which was the first drink referenced in a James Bond naovel. Count Camillo ordered an Americano made with Gin in place of Soda and invented the Negroni. Here is a great Youtube video from Rita Cocktail Bar in Milan about the Negroni. Both the Negroni, Americano and a host of other Italian cocktails have red colored Campari as a key ingredient.

We also discuss apertifs, drinks served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. They typically are less sweet and involved herbs and other ingredients to stimulate ones appetite.

After a meal is the time for a digestif, which are often characterized by higher alcohol content and deep rich flavor profiles. Italy is known for Limoncello and Grappa.

We also talk about liquors and their use in cakes. Gio mentiones walnut liquor and sour cherry liquors.

Lastly we mention a wonder Neopolitan dessert called Baba.


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