Cucina Povera with Giulia Scarpaleggia

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Giulia Scarpaleggia - Cookbook author, writer of and podcaster.


Cucina Povera with Giulia Scarpaleggia

Cucina Povera with Giulia Scarpaleggia

In this episode we are in Tuscany and talking with author and food blogger Giulia Scarpaleggia. Giulia has a new book available called Cucina Povera.

We discuss her blog Juls' Kitchen as well as her studio and cooking classes.

We discuss Tuscan cooking and importance of bread making and use of stale bread in Tuscan cuisine. Along with bread we discuss cured meats and the great Salume of Tuscany. We discuss the unique Chestnut flour and pasta and desserts made from this flour. Lastly we discuss the Tuscan diet and the importance of beans in Tuscany.


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