Roasting coffee with Cutbow Coffee

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Roasting coffee with Cutbow Coffee

Roasting Coffee with Cutbow Coffee

In this episode we interview Paul Gallegos of Cutbow Coffee in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Paul was trained in roasting at Peet's Coffee and has been roasting coffee for 30 years.

Paul shares with us the history of Peet's Coffee and their early relationship with Starbucks. He talks about the specialty coffee movement started by Alfred Peet. He mentions how, at the same time in the 60's, the Berkley California scene also started the Farm to Table movement, with Alice Water's Chez Panisse.

Paul educates us on coffee varieties and cultivation and the bean belt of countries across the world that produce coffee. He discusses about the care needed in selecting coffee and how it is similar to wine making.


Giovanni and Paul discuss Italian coffee roasters such as Illy and Sant'Eustachio. They also discuss the region of Trieste, which is the most known region of Italy for coffee production.

We also delve into the roasting process and how this imparts flavor into the coffee before the coffee drink is made.

A show cannot be complete without a food reference and Paul mentions a recipe for short ribs with coffee.

If you can't go there in person, head over to Cutbow Coffee and order Paul's roasts online today.


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