Holiday Food

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Holiday Food

Spicy Language used. Adult Content

Holidays are full of culinary traditions and in this episode we share our own traditions and memories. From Panettone and the Italian feast of Seven Fishes to New Mexico Christmas Red and Green Chiles.

Italians have the feast of seven fishes, which features a variety of fish served. We highlight Baccala. Here is a recipe for Baccala with Chick Peas

Gio and I share our love of Panettone, with a cup of espresso. Here is a fun recipe for Panettone French Toast from Jamie Oliver.

Vanessa shares her New Mexico holiday tradition of Green and Red Chiles. I love Red Chile sauce and this dish is amazing all year long. Enjoy the recipe.

Last and not least I share my love of Mac and Cheese and making it very decadent. I have a technique link to how I make the dish.

Happy Holidays!

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