Istanbul and Turkish Cuisine

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Istanbul and Turkish Cuisine

Istanbul and Turkish Cuisine

This episode features the cuisine of Turkey and the city of Istanbul. We interview Hardy Griffin and Banu Ozer Griffin who lived and enjoyed the cuisine of Turkey for years before moving to the US.

Hardy is a writer of fiction, book reviews, and essays and translates from Turkish to English. Banu is a Lecturer of Turkish Language in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University.

Here are some examples of Hardy's translation of prose from Turkish to English. The God of Small Deaths, Mirror Shock

Turkey is a cross roads of culture and cuisine and contributes a rich tapestry of taste to the southern Mediterranean area. Many people might know Turkey for Doner Kebap and Baklava but there is so much more to enjoy.


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We discuss the city of Istanbul, street food, restaurants and home cooking.


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The Chef’s Table- Netflix


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