Liguria in Cucina with Enrica Monzani

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Liguria in Cucina with Enrica Monzani

Spicy Language used. Adult Content

This episode features a discussion with author and cook, Enrica Monzani. Enrica is the author of the blog, A Small Kitchen in Genoa. Enrica has a new book out called Liguria in Cucina. In the book she explores the culinary regions and foods of Genoa, the Italian Riviera and the vast Forest areas of Liguria.

We go beyond Pesto and Focaccia to explore the diverse culinary regions and flavors of Liguria.


Topics discussed:

Enrica also hosts cooking classes and food tours of Genoa.

To learn more about Enrica and buy Liguria in Cucina today, head over to A Small Kitchen in Genoa



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