Road Trip - Liguria - Italian Riviera

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Road Trip - Liguria - Italian Riviera

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Italy Roadtrip - Liguria/Italian Riviera

In this episode we continue our trip to the north and visiting the coastal region of Liguria. Liguria is home to the city of Genoa as well as the Italian Riviera, which is famous and includes the Cinque Terre (five lands), Portofino as well as other coast cities. Check out this Eva Celine Youtube on the area.

Liguria Cuisine is famous for Focaccia, Pesto and Seafood.

We talk about how to make Focaccia at home and also commented on professional chefs making it from famous bakeries like Marinetta and Michelin star restaurant The Cook. Check out this video on Focaccia Genovese from Marinetta. Here is a video on how to make Focaccia di Recco.

We highlight a dish made by Vanessa called Polpettone di fagiolini e patate from the website This is a fabulous "loaf" of potatoes, green beans and cheese.

For Seafood we discuss Ciuppin (seafood soup) as well as Muscoli Ripieni (stuffed mussels). This recipe for mussels is from Grazia Andreotti of the restaurant Da Aristide.

For dessert we discuss Sciacchetra wine and Canestrelli cookies.

Lastly Vanessa introduces us to a hilarious book, A Certain Hunger for which she did a recent blog post. Be sure to check it out!

I'm a Pixar fan and here is a story behind the movie Luca, which is based in Cinque Terre.


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