NYC to Nashville with Paulette Licitra

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NYC to Nashville with Paulette Licitra

Spicy Language used. Adult Content

This episode features a discussion with author and cook, Paulette Licitra. Paulette, a native of Brooklyn, first started her career in theater and television production before pursuing an education in cooking at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

After her education at ICE, she pursued an internship and subsequent job at Lupa in the West Village of NYC.

After working in the restaurant scene she then worked as a caterer in Midtown and also as a cook at Micol Negrin's Rustico Cooking in NYC.


Paulette then moved to Nashville, Tennessee and started teaching cooking classes there. She has appeared many times on television in Nashville as well as performs music with her partner Duane in their group, Duette.


Paulette conducts classes in person and online and also organizes Italy culinary tours. You can reach Paulette at her website, Chef Paulette.


Paulette's published books are:

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