Road Trip - Piedmont part 1

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Road Trip - Piedmont part 1

Spicy Language used. Adult Content

Italy Roadtrip - Piedmont Part 1

In this episode we begin our roadtrip of Italy with a visit to the northwest region of Piedmont.

Piedmont is one of twenty regions of Italy and it is one of the top three of culinary importance.

The capital city of Piedmont and the former capital of Italy is Turin, which is also home of the car maker Fiat and the Lingotto.

Piedmont is known for risotto rice, razza piemontese beef, white truffles and award winning wines Here is a guide to top foods in Piedmont

Truffles are very prized and expensive, the Alba white truffles being some of the most expensive. Here is an example of a White truffle auction

Making the Tajarin pasta was fun, we've included the video that I used and here is a great video of a Pasta Granny making Tajarin

Vanessa made a tremendous Vitello Tonnato. We feature the recipe here.

We also make several references to the author Umberto Eco and Vanessa's favorite quote "Ma gavte la nata" (take out the cork and let the wind blow away)

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