Food and Romance

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Food and Romance

Spicy Language used. Adult Content

Food and Romance. Celebrating St. Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day approaching we dedicated this episode to romantic foods.

We first discuss the history and legend of St. Valentine. We also explore another romantic day for St. George (celebrated in April) and the giving of books and roses as well as St Sebastian with a side reference to the wonderful Abruzzo dish Arrosticini. I had this while in Abruzzo and it's amazing and simple. Lastly we discuss San Sebastian in the Basque region and the Gastronomic Societies. Check out this video

We talk about the affects of Romantic Food Ingredients on serotonin and endorphins as well as antioxidants and the affects on the body. From Oysters to Lobster to Figs, Strawberries and Pomegranate we cover why these make us happy and romantic. Here is a list of recipes from Food and Wine.

We also discuss a simple dish called Engagement Chicken by a favorite chef of Vanessa, Nigella Lawson in her How to Eat book. Here is a recipe on Food 52 for Engagement Chicken with Carrot Panzanella

Happy Valentines day from us!

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