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Coffee Lovers Rejoice

In this episode we explore the history and technique of my favorite dessert, Tiramisu. Being a fan of all things coffee this is a simple and elegant dish that elevates coffee using Mascarpone cheese.

This history is linked to the Savoiardi (lady fingers) cookies as well as the egg yolk custard ingredients but the Tiramisu as we know it today was created in the 1960's in Treviso. The city of Treviso is in the region of Italy called Veneto near Venice. The restaurant claiming fame for the dessert is called Le Beccherie. Check out the restaurant online.

After chastising me for cooking Chicken Parmesan (which is not Italian by any means), we talk about the history and simple technique of creating Tiramisu. For funny reactions of Italians to American Italian cuisine, check out this YouTube video.

We also talk about making great espresso using a Moka. My favorite award winning barista/YouTube creator, James Hoffman has an great technique for making great coffee using the Moka

George Clooney made Nespresso popular in Italy with these commercials. The one with Danny Devito is hilarious.

For homemade Savoiardi cookies, check out this recipe

If you want really fresh Mascarpone, try this technique

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